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Eileithyia and the Phoenix
Tumbling out into the light,
like the night-owl
venturing into day
from the dark, sepulchral cave—
plunged by almighty hands
through storms and gushing rain,
and the ice-encrusted lake,
with stinging eyes squeezed shut,
not yet to see the shore
and the green shoots springing
into life—
baptized by water,
fire and night,
by blood and tears,
and last,
by light.
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Phoenix Heart
The fire in your eyes
burns like a living sun.
What did you see
that set your form aflame
burning unconsumed?
Your soul is full of fire,
your heart white-hot,
your mind ablaze--
one look--
you built your pyre,
yet, from the fading ashes
golden wings
emerging frame your face,
gather new feathers from the flames,
flashing to life in fire--
the phoenix heart
will never die.
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After a long night spent
facing old enemies,
I watched the sun arising on my way,
filtered through broken clouds,
sifted and slipping out before me,
streaming golden light,
telling me:
Smile through your fear, your tears,
show me you love me.
so I do for you, travelling all this way
around the world,
through time,
through space,
to give you life,
and morning,
once again.
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Evening Fires
Soft they murmur,
soft they murmur,
when the dusk is falling slow,
then I hear the crickets singing,
calling to and fro,
on their small wild violins,
soft they murmur.
Soft they murmur,
while the little fires appear,
flickering amid the shadows,
just the sparks,
flitting here,
flying there,
from the unseen fires that burn
in the heart of the deep night.
Mirroring they move in myriads over the fields,
the stars,
the summer stars,
stirring in
the navy sky.
Far away,
they unceasing hum their song,
music of celestial spheres.
On my hand the firefly
lights an instant listening;
When she takes to flight again,
she lifts it
on her wings;
Only a whirring soft to me
is the sound
of living stars.
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To a Road-Kill Raccoon
In the dusky night,
you swept the stream for fish,
in your furry little head
the soft chirrs of your children
With eager little hands
and small sharp beady eyes,
you hurried home
the dark road.
a thunderous roar,
your world crumbling to ruin,
you felt yourself lifted, flung,
in a flash of blinding lights.
The noise,
once deafening,
but you remained,
life flowing out
in a ruby pool around you.
But I saw you this morning and wondered
if, while life left you,
you cried for your orphaned children,
thinking that no one
would ever know them,
or care.
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Myth in Storm
In the grey clouds piled
  in the summer sky
  threatening storm,
I thought I saw the stern, majestic face
of the great Helmsman of the world—
      Jove, Bringer of Jollity,
with mighty wings outstretched
pours down his floods
this old and dried-out world.
Yet sometime from his eye
  dart streaks of flame;
earth shudders and shakes
  in the thundering of his voice,
and the beating of his wings
sends powerful whirlwinds ripping through the air
      kicking up dust.
And all the while around
his frightening, glorious visage kindles
      the bright violet lightning.
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Erato's Daughter
The rain from the eaves
running in unceasing song,
and hanging in the air,
droplets of a thick mist
laden with the rich
and heady fragrance
of fresh-cut grass
and honeysuckle,
dogwood and oriental lilies,
and the wine-red roses,
which through my veins sends such a thrill
that as if drunk
my feet still wander while my mind
goes reeling out of earth,
colliding with the stars,
and thus inebriated
with the strong, rich scent
of nature's garden now refreshed,
imagination spreads its wings, taking flight,
and my pen pours forth eloquence
in words of an age-old language
I hardly thought I knew.
:icona-beck:A-Beck 1 0
Japanese-Style Poetry
Cherry blossoms fall
into the muddy water
flowing fast away.
The sun glowed in the clear stream
till you churned it, throwing stones.
Looming storm-clouds rise
into the fading twilight
of a May evening.
Raindrops fall on tattered sleeves
on my face, the feathered wind.
When you saw my tears
glittering like morning dew,
you could not have known
that the stars in your dark eyes
were the preludes of the sun.
The spring buds blossom
unfurling satin petals
Only looking back in time
shows how fully they have bloomed.
Moonlit silhouette
at the parting of the ways
rose your bright image.
I reached out to embrace you
and my sleeves met only air.
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A Riddle by Christine Grandt :icona-beck:A-Beck 0 0 Commissioned Quote :icona-beck:A-Beck 1 0
Black feathers,
sleek and shiny,
glinting in the morning sun–
thus I met you, blackbird,
when my day had just begun.
Though very close I stood,
you held your ground
a bit haughtily,
stared at me
from a piercing black eye
Not a feather out of place,
you perched
on the concrete curb
majestically surveying
on the one side, your two companions,
drinking and wading
in a murky puddle;
on the other, a towering human,
albeit smaller than most
of that species,
quietly passing by,
eyeing you with an equal curiosity
and fascination,
at the night-black bird
who sat
so fearlessly,
so close.
:icona-beck:A-Beck 0 0
I cannot tell
why I walk in inky blackness,
utter solitude,
though not alone.
I crave
to drop my head
into my arms
in a gesture of despair,
press my eyes shut,
weep bitter tears,
for what is past,
for what is lost,
for what is broken,
for what I cannot have.
Yet even then the light
invades my mental vision,
floats there, a glowing orb,
never out of sight,
though I shut my senses to it.
do I still walk forward,
groping through darkness
toward a light I may never reach,
so far is it ahead?
do I follow after
those I fought
reaching after supremacy,
desiring the stars,
no less,
as jewels in my crown?
Alas! That destiny is lost!
Yet I still walk,
still follow,
only knowing that I must,
dragging out of despair
the heart I had once,
thinking, if only,
if I find them,
they will give me a little hope.
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Snowflakes and Stars
I heard the wind,
one grey December night,
and its song was a thousand voices
crying out that ancient word–
the “Gloria” the angels sang
millenniums ago.
But I only thought I heard.
I saw the white snowflakes falling,
whirled by the word of the wind,
driven hither and thither,
feathers from angel wings
for a memory,
over the world.
I saw the star, too, shining
an instant in the east.
Then it blazed a trail of fire,
shooting into darkness.
The crescent moon,
coming round again,
is a sliver in the sky,
but still I have only broken words
and no reason why.
My heart's weeping
I cannot explain,
Nor the feeling lost, bewildered,
aching for solitude,
and time to think
the thoughts that are not there,
to feel the quiet emotions
that do not run over,
to touch the elusive something
full of meaning
that's always out of reach.
Yet they are all too far,
can only be caught,
like snowflakes
with your eyes closed, by chance
or providence.
So with only a little hope,
I eke
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There's an emptiness that fills me
    to the brim, unsatisfied.
There's a loneliness that haunts me,
    like there's something lost inside.
I have cried to see the beauty
    of the glimpse you gave me then,
When you wrapped your stillness round me,
    gave me silence yet again.
For with riddles you have drawn me
    but for love I followed on;
When my world had crumbled round me,
    I had you to blame it on.
Then pursuit was all my thinking,
    and my path was bitter fire,
Till an answer in your harping
    sent me, burning with desire,
Bound to find you when you fled me,
    feel your fingers in my hair
When you bare the blood-red, fiery,
    triple stars of fate I bear;
Till I feel your arms embrace me,
    so close I feel your breath,
For I'll know that you have loved me
    when we give each other death.
:icona-beck:A-Beck 1 2
Autumn Farewell
Grey skies hang over me,
and the leaves are falling down–
brown and withered.
Here November's trees
are only old oak men,
slowly aging,
wandering toward winter.
But in northern lands in the autumn
the green-decked dryads change their robes for gold
and orange, and fiery scarlet.
They dance their whirling measures
in wild celebration,
bidding their bright farewells before they spread
their glowing garments
over the brown earth,
where they glitter and flame for a moment,
then fade,
and are gone.
time saunters on,
causing no change, or little–
so it seems.
The drab sky still lies low and heavy
and the sun is gone–
'tis a day-long grey twilight,
and the darkness draws on.
Damp drizzle melts on our faces
as we walk in the gathering fog.
The world is all falling
into a slumber like death–
when the hard cold winter enclosing,
freezes the frail to the heart
in its icy fingers–
they were meant for a warmer world–
and binding and slowing th
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Margarita Filar
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Personal Quote:
"In Western lands beneath the sun
The flowers may rise in spring,
The trees may bud the waters run,
The merry finches sing;
Or there maybe tis cloudless night,
And swaying beeches bear
The elven stars as jewels bright
Amid their branching hair.

Though here at journey's end I lie
In darkness buried deep,
Beyond all towers strong and high,
Beyond all mountains steep,
Above all shadows rides the sun
And stars forever dwell;
I will not say the day is done
Nor bid the stars farewell.
- J.R.R. Tolkien, The Return of the King


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